8 most important things to consider before booking a private jet flight

8 most important things to consider before booking a private jet flight

Jun 03, 2023

If you are considering to charter private jet flight, it is not as easy as it seems. This era of technological advancement where flight bookings are a matter of 'click', there are several considerations which are often ignored by travellers. If you are one of them, this article is for you.


Here are the 8 most important things to consider before booking a private jet flight:


1. Who is the owner?

The aircraft you are using for travelling must come from a legitimate source. FAA 135 Operating certificate must be procured by the management company which is operating the aircraft. There is a possibility that an aircraft is owned by an individual but put to use commercially by another company to extract the benefits of a private jet for business. The operating certificate must be in the name of the management company and not in the name of the individual.


2. Does the operator have control over the jet as a listed flight?

D-085 is important to figure-out the aircraft's tail number. All the operations listed under the FAA must be in the operator's control. Only a legitimate operator will comply with these rules.


3. Are you insured by the operator?

It is a quite straight forward process where the operator insures you as a traveller along with your other travellers. If required, the operator can extend the insurance to your organization as well.


4. If the jet is insured by the operator?

Considering the uncertainty of the future, the aircraft you are using to travel must be insured. Check the certificate of insurance, a tail number is issued for the aircraft. In case anything goes wrong, you assure your financial safety.


5. What is the history of aircraft?

It is important to know the history of aircraft to figure out if there is are accidents in its history. If there is a history of a few accidents, it might be unsafe for you to consider it for travelling. There could be some unavoidable reasons or operator negligence responsible for such accidents.

6. Have you checked the audit report?

Aircraft which are in operations for a while are often audited by the third-party independent organizations to check its maintenance, operational procedure and training of staff. This audit report gives an insight into the safety and security standards maintained by the operator.


7. Does the aircraft operator internationally?

There are many operators which focus on a specific country(s) while there are some which cover the various countries across the world. If you are charting a flight which is going abroad for the first time, there are chances of a hassle as the operator may lack experience in custom and international laws.


8. Is your aircraft operator financially sound?

If your operator has filed for bankruptcy, there are chances that they are involved in an illicit business. There is no point of considering the membership from an operator which can be dissolved at any point of time.


It is crucial to investigate the private jet flight operator and the type of private jet flight you are going to charter for your travel to ensure higher safety standards and hassle-free travel. Hence it is recommended to consider a reputed operator like Blue Height Aviation to ensure wonderful travel experience.


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