Weather in Badrinath: What is the Best Time to Visit

Weather in Badrinath: What is the Best Time to Visit


As we already know, Badrinath is open seasonally, i.e., from April to November. However, these months are further divided into three zones depending on the variation in weather. Let's check out what these zones offer and which month is best for your Badrinath travel.

Badrinath in Summer


MonthsWeatherHelicopter Services
April - JunePleasant 18 deg CAvailable



Temperature: Badrinath experiences an average of 29 degrees to 19 ° low in the summer months.



Weather The sun peeks out to bring blessings to Badrinath during the summer months. Although temperatures can dip to the low of 8degC, the weather in Badrinath in the summertime is generally pleasant and warm. It is the perfect season to visit Badrinath and its surroundings. The sun makes the area sufficiently warm, and the absence of snow makes getting around less risky and more secure.


Importance It is the most preferred time of year when most devotees prefer to visit. The Yatra is open between April and May. As Char Dham Yatra constitutes four major pilgrimages,   Badrinath stands to be the final one. The three other areas, Puri, Rameswaram, and Dwarka, are open all season. Badrinath can be visited for trips from April until October. Badrinath is the most popular destination for tourists at this time.



What you need to know about why it is important to go right now Clear skies with warm days and beautiful scenery to discover and make Badrinath heaven in the summer months. It isn't a place where you are buried in snow or confined by rain like in other seasons, making this the perfect time that you can enjoy Badrinath. In addition, you can be awed by the sacredness in the temple and yatra or your trip with similar people who have been to the temple of prayer at Badrinath.


Things to be aware of before your visit Don't be fooled by Badrinath's sun-drenched summer. The evenings here can be cold, so having a few woolens and sweaters can help you stay warm when the chills can descend at night.

Tips This is the peak season in Badrinath due to the Char Dham Yatra. Many devotees from across the nation and even around the globe travel to Badrinath to affirm their faith and soak in the natural and spiritual beauty of the region. Booking hotels and tickets could be difficult if you do not reserve your tickets in advance.



Badrinath in Monsoon


MonthsWeatherHelicopter Services
July-SeptemberRainy (15oC)Availability subject to weather



Temperature: Badrinath experiences an average of 27 degrees high and 20 degrees low in the monsoon.


Weather Cold and cold days comprise a large part of the monsoon time in Badrinath. Monsoon is a great time to explore the region, but for one obstacle: rain. Showers during monsoons in Badrinath vary from mild to severe downpours, and it could hinder your ability to travel and explore. July and August are the months that receive the greatest amount of rain, and the drops dry to a significant extent in September.


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Importance, The month of September, is when Badrinath opens to visitors once more, and visitors can come to make the holy journey. It is also one of the few months when it is the time that the Badrinath temple is accessible. Thus, the opportunity for darshan at the temple is limited and must be completed before winter arrives, and the snow starts to drift in.


Why you should go right now September, specifically it is the second most popular season in Badrinath, which brings huge numbers of tourists and devotees. In mid-September, the rain is fading, and you'll be able to get a shower now and then. It's enough to improve its beauty region, but it won't hinder you from exploring.


Things to be aware of before your visit The monsoon time of year, regardless of whether it's moderate or heavy, must be considered before purchasing your tickets. The chance of landslides in this region is very high during monsoon. It is the reason why there aren't many pilgrims or tourists who opt for this time of year (June and August) to visit Badrinath. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather. If you're searching for snow this time of year, you can find it on the upper slopes of the mountains!


Tips Again, be aware of your choices before booking your tickets for this season. If you decide to book your tickets, bring raincoats, gumboots, woolen clothes, trekking shoes with a windcheater, plenty of socks, waterproof gloves, and other items to protect yourself from the cold and rainy weather.


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Badrinath in Winter


MonthsWeatherHelicopter Services
October-AprilChilly 10oCAvailable



Temperature: Badrinath experiences an average of 25 degrees high and 6 degrees low in the monsoon.


Weather: Although September and the beginning of October are mostly dry and unaffected by snow, the middle of October sees the first winter flakes rolling. In the last week of October, a heavy snowfall blankets Badrinath as a blanket of white. Roads leading to Badrinath are shut down due to the severe weather. The white blanket continues falling on Badrinath until mid-March or at the beginning of April.



Importance In general, within this category, we will discuss the festivals and events during the season. But, the weather in Badrinath during winter completely blocks the world from view, turning Badrinath into a quiet, small, isolated, snowed-in city. The temple will be closed for the next six months, and with the snow, over everything, it is clear that a winter visit to Badrinath isn't feasible.


Things to consider before visiting The temperature drops to sub-zero, making the entire area quite unhospitable for tourists.


Tips In light of the motives mentioned earlier, it is logical to wait until April for Badrinath to reopen officially. The winter months allow the region to relax and recuperate before the yatra starts.


Due to the significance of the Char Dham Yatra for many Hindus around the globe, if you are thinking of joining the yatra, go to the Char Dham package page to reserve your place at Badrinath in the coming year! 


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