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Empty Leg Flight: Get Your Private Charter Service at One-third Price.


Are you a frequent Private Jet traveler? Have you ever heard about Empty Leg? If you are still unaware of Empty leg, you might be losing a big chunk of travelling costs on private charter services in India.

Let's find out how Empty Leg Flight helps you travel at the fractional price of a private jet charter with the same amenities.

What is an Empty Leg Flight? A one-sided private jet service is booked by the client and the plane will return empty. Also known as a ferry, It is the "empty leg" of a private chartered one-way flight.

An empty leg flight does not give you an option of choosing aircraft type, departure time and date, and destination. An empty leg flight will generally not be made public until several days before departure.

Private empty leg flights are also known as 'dead legs' and 'empty sector'. 

 Private jet travel can be booked with empty legs because of the nature and cost of their pre-determined needs.

Private charter flights can sometimes be up to 75% less than regular private charter fares. However, empty leg charters offer great access to private jet travel if you are flexible and can find a one-way flight that suits all your travel requirements.

Due to the high volume of private chartered flights, there are often a lot of empty seats available from all airports around the world. You can be flexible with your schedule and allow for changes, so there may be one flight that works within your budget.

Why Should You Consider Availing Empty Leg flight?

Private flights with empty legs are a great way to travel in luxury and at a very affordable price. They also have precise destinations, departure points and timings. Private jet travel is not something clients want or need because of its spontaneity. An empty-leg flight may not be the best option if you have a meeting or appointment to attend.

Your flight time will be determined by when the aircraft arrives at its destination and is ready to depart again.


What are the Crucial Aspects You Must be Aware of Before Booking an Empty Leg Flight?

An empty leg flight gives you the best value when saving on Charter Plane costs. But you must know that the original passenger's flight requirements determine your empty leg flight timings. Therefore, your departure details and final availability may not be available until you depart. 

It is important to be flexible when booking this type of flight. If your original flight is cancelled, the empty leg flight will not be available. You will have to make alternative travel arrangements. This type of travel is not suitable for all passengers. For those who value reliability and exact timings when booking private charter flights, this mode of travel will not work.

It is important to ensure that your return flight is covered separately, as it will be a one-way trip. You have two options: book a private chartered charter flight or use another method of travel. Our team will help you choose the best option for you. We often combine empty-leg flights with private charter flights.

If you find an empty-leg journey that matches your desired journey time but does not match your destination, don't hesitate to contact a member of the BlueHeight Aviation Sales Team to discuss the possibility of changing the flight destination. Sometimes, it may be possible to reroute an empty leg flight plan to another airport.

Is empty leg a good option for me?

You may be interested in private jet travel at a cost comparable to regularly scheduled flights. However, empty leg flights might be a good option if you want all the benefits of private jet travel. An empty-leg jet is a great option for you and your friends, provided you are flexible with the departure and destination dates.

You might have some spare time and want to travel last minute. An empty leg is a great option if you're feeling spontaneous and don’t have a clear idea of where you want to go. You can save money and have a great time if you are flexible with your flight times and don't mind any delays or last-minute changes. You will need to arrange your return trip separately because empty leg flights only go one way.

BlueHeights Aviation will provide all the benefits you expect when flying empty-leg. Our flights offer seamless flying with two pilots, multilingual onboard service, private dining options, restful space for the whole family, and exclusive wine lists.


Is Empty Leg Charter Economical?

Depending on the type of aircraft and route, empty legs can be priced between 25-75 per cent lower than regular flights.  If you are willing to be flexible with last-minute travel and timing and the airport where you land, charter flights that cost INR 2,20,000 could be as low as 70,000, as lowest cost private jet.

Blueheights aviation is a popular choice for both business and pleasure. However, many people are unsure why empty legs flights cannot be priced at virtually anything - as in fuel costs or $500.

How Can I Book an Empty Leg Flight?

If you wish to book an Empty Leg fight, get in touch with the Blueheights Aviation sales team now to get the best quotes. We at Blueheights are committed to the best customer services along with the most competitive pricing in the market.



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