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Best Air Ambulance Services in Vijayawada



Vijayawada is located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The city has a population of around 3 million people. There are various types of hospitals in Vijayawada. These include government hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc. Some offer advanced treatments such as cardiac surgeries, cancer care, organ transplants, etc. However, doctors often recommend that complicated medical cases be shifted to AIMS and other reputed hospitals to ensure the proper treatment for the patients.



While travelling by road ambulance is an option for patients, an air ambulance is an essential requirement for critically ill/injured patients who need immediate medical evacuation or cannot travel long distances. Especially when you seek medical treatment internationally, an air ambulance is an effective way to transfer patients without much delay.



If you are new to the concept of Air Ambulance, this blog post is for you. So, let's get started!


What is an Air Ambulance? 


An air ambulance is an airplane equipped with sophisticated medical equipment and trained paramedics who can provide emergency medical services (EMS) anywhere in the world. They are used to transport patients from one hospital to another within minutes. 



Air Ambulance Vs Road Ambulance: Why Air Ambulance is Best?


There are many reasons why an air ambulance in Vijayawada is better than a road ambulance. Here are some of them -


1. It provides faster transportation. An air ambulance service in Vijayawada takes less time to reach its destination than a road ambulance. It means that it will arrive at your location sooner.


2. It offers more comfort. An air ambulance is usually more significant than a road ambulance. As a result, it can carry more patients. Moreover, it also comes with reclining seats, blankets, pillows, oxygen tanks, IV drips, etc.


3. It is safer. Unlike a road ambulance, an air ambulance travels at higher altitudes where there is no traffic congestion. Also, it flies over remote areas where roads are not accessible. Therefore, it is implausible that any accident would occur during a flight.


4. Fully Equipped: An air ambulance Vijayawada is fully equipped with all the medical equipment required to treat critical patients. In addition to that, it also carries a team of highly skilled paramedic personnel.


5. No Waiting Time: When you book an air ambulance, you don't have to wait for days before they pick up your patient. In most emergency cases, an air ambulance is capable of medical evacuation within 2 hours. Otherwise, in most cases, air ambulances can execute the medical evacuation within 24 hours of booking.


What are the essentials of the Best Air Ambulance Services in Vijayawada?

The following are the basic requirements of the best air ambulance services in Vijayawada -


1. Medical Team: Make sure that the air ambulance company you choose has a well-trained medical team. You should check their qualifications and experience.


2. Equipment: Make sure the aircraft you select has all the necessary medical equipment. For example, if you require a CT scan, ensure the plane has a CT scanner onboard.


3. Safety: The safety of your loved ones is paramount. Hence, ensure that the air ambulance company has a good track record of safe flights.


4. Cost: Various factors determine the air ambulance cost in Vijayawada. However, the most crucial factor is the distance covered. The price per kilometre may be high if you live far away from the airport.


Consider the quotes from different air ambulance companies and their services to compare thoroughly. However, most high-quality air-ambulance services come at a reasonable price. However, they offer an unparalleled experience too!


Why is Blueheight Aviation the Best Air Ambulance Company in Vijayawada?


Blueheights Aviation Pvt Ltd is one of India's leading air ambulance service providers offering world-class medical evacuation services. With our state of art aircraft, highly trained paramedics, and compassionate team members, we provide safe and reliable air ambulance services 24*7 across India. We aim to ensure that every life matters and work hard to make it happen.


Our mission is to provide high-quality medical services affordable to patients in distress. We aim to establish ourselves as a leader in India's emergency medical care and trauma management services.


We understand that when someone needs help, time is of the essence. That’s why we strive to deliver quality medical services at the earliest possible time. Timely intervention can save lives.


Our fleet consists of modern and technologically advanced aircraft, which our experienced pilots and crew members maintain. They are always ready to fly at short notice.


We have a dedicated team of paramedical staff who are fully equipped to handle any emergency. They are trained to deal with critical situations such as cardiac arrest, stroke, head injury, spinal cord injuries, burns, etc.


Our aircraft are fitted with the latest technology, including oxygen supply systems, ventilators, defibrillators, monitors, and other lifesaving equipment.


 What is the Air Ambulance Cost in Vijayawada


The Air Ambulance cost per hour  in Vijayawada is around 1.10 lakh to 6 lakh, depending on the facilities required on board. The final cost of an air ambulance depends on the distance covered, type of ambulance, required pre-hospitalization care, and other medical facilities on board.


While evacuating the patients using flights, airports also charge handling and landing fees. The aircraft that are close to the departure point generally cost less than the ones that are far off.


What is Bed to Bed Transfer Service? 

Bed-to-bed services are provided when the medical team from an air ambulance goes to the discharging hospitals to meet the patients in their rooms, assess their condition and comfort them about the transfer. Then they travel with the patients in the ground ambulances to the airport.


The same procedure happens at the arrival cities where the medical team travels to the arriving facilities. They will provide a brief to the nurses at the arriving facilities. It ensures continuity of care throughout the entire transfer.


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