Air Ambulance in Bhubaneswar

Air Ambulance Services in Bhubaneswar 


Referred to as the largest state of Odisha, it is a temple city in India with over 700 temples. It has also emerged as an education hub leading on the front of medical infrastructure. If you are seeking Air ambulance services in Bhubaneswar, you are at the right spot. Air Ambulance service is gaining popularity for its unparalleled convenience. 

So, let's check why considering Air Ambulance Service is one of the best options to transfer critical patients across cities, states, or countries.


What is Air Ambulance Service? 

An air ambulance is a helicopter that provides emergency medical care for critically ill or injured people. The aircraft carries doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other medical staff who provide advanced life support. In some cases, the patient may be transported directly from an accident or injury scene to the hospital without going through any intermediate facility.


Why Choose Air Ambulance Services? 

Here are some of the prominent factors that make Air Ambulance in Bhubaneshwar an undisputed choices, especially for critically ill patients:

• Quicker response time:

With an air ambulanceBhubneshwar, there's no need to wait hours like a commercial airline booking. You get immediate help when you need it. Commercial airlines involves lengthy boarding times which is not the case with air ambulance. Air ambulance can provide emergency medical evacuation services with bed-to-bed transfer facility.

• Better quality of care:

A well-equipped air ambulance will have all the necessary equipment to provide better care. It will carry all the required medicines and equipment to treat the critically patients in emergency. A team of paramedics is well equipped to handle any such emergency. Most of air ambulances are equipped with modern technology and the advanced equipment like ICU unit, ventilator, oxygen cylinders etc to deal with any medical emergency.

• No waiting:

When you use an air ambulance, you don't have to worry about waiting for a vehicle to arrive for hours. This is the case for long-distant hospitals where ambulance arrives very late. The road distance that a road ambulance covers in hours, the same distance can be covered by an Air Ambulance in few minutes. Your loved ones receive prompt treatment within minutes.

• Safe and reliable:

Unlike a land ambulance, an air ambulance is equipped with specialized medical equipment and trained personnel. It follows strict safety protocols, so your health is not compromised during transport. Unlike Road ambulance, you don’t get bumps and jerks that causes utmost convenience.

• Convenient:

An air ambulance can fly anywhere in the world. There is no need to go through multiple transfers before reaching the destination. It has an accessibility even to such places where the road and railway connectivity is missing.

• Flexible scheduling:

An air ambulance can operate 24/7. So, if you need urgent medical attention, you can book an air ambulance whenever you want. You don’t need to stick to a specific schedule as you are free to choose the time and the day which is suitable for you.


How does Air Ambulance Work? 

The process of using an air ambulance is straightforward. First, you call the helpline number provided by the company. Once they confirm your booking, they send a representative to pick up the patient from their location. The representative then takes the patient to the airport, where the aircraft awaits. After receiving the patient, the crew members take off immediately. Finally, after completing the flight, the aircraft lands safely, and the patient is transferred to the hospital.


Who Uses Air Ambulance? 

The demand for air ambulance services is increasing due to several factors. Some of these reasons include:

• Emergencies:

People often opt for air ambulance services because they require immediate medical assistance. For example, if someone suffers from cardiac arrest or severe head injuries, they should contact an air ambulance as soon as possible.

• Medical tourism:

Many tourists travel abroad for medical treatments. However, traveling long distances can be dangerous for them. They choose to book an air ambulance service to avoid this problem.

• Sports events:

If athletes are involved in sports accidents, they must be taken to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. But, since many hospitals are far away, they prefer to use an air ambulance service.



What are the Benefits of Using an Air Ambulance Service With Blueheights Aviaiton? 

There are numerous benefits associated with hiring an air ambulance service from Blueheight Aviations. Here are some of the significant advantages:

• Faster response time: Since an air ambulance travels at high speeds, it gets to the destination faster than other modes of transportation. It means that you get emergency medical assistance much sooner. At Blueheight, we speed up the process further by prioritizing the bookings as soon as we receive confirmation from you.

• Safer: Due to its advanced technology, an air ambulance is safer than any other mode of transportation. Its specially designed aircraft has built-in systems that ensure safe flying conditions. The fleet of our aircraft undergoes periodic inspection, all our pilots are highly professional and our para-medic team is highly trained to handle the extreme cases. 


• Affordable: Hiring an air ambulance service is more affordable with blueheightsavaition. We offer the most competitive rate with quality services. Call us to get the best quote on Air ambulance charges to/from Bhubneshwar.


• Reliable: A well-equipped air ambulance provides better quality care than a traditional ambulance. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your loved one will receive the best medical attention available.


What is Air Ambulance Price in Bhubneshwar? 

There are several factors that play a decisive role in deciding the air ambulance cost in Bhubneshwar. On an average, air ambulance cost per hour to/from Bhubneshvar begins with 110,000 rupees To know more about air ambulance charges, various services, call us now!

What Makes Blueheight Pioneer In Air Ambulance Service? 

We offer our customers the most convenient way to reach their destinations. Our fleet of modern aircraft allows us to provide prompt and reliable service to people all over India.


We have been providing air ambulance services to patients across India for 10 years. We have already served thousands of patients with our medical evacuation services. Dedicated staff at blue height aviation is equipped with the latest equipment to provide the highest level of care.We also have doctors on board to provide first aid and administer necessary medications.


Blueheight offers premier air ambulance services to patients needing urgent medical help.


We have separate arrangements for Covid and Non-Covid patients and follow the strict Covid-19 protocols to ensure the highest safety of our patients.


We provide a bed to bed transfer facilities for all our patients. All the international air ambulance services are available from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, and other leading international airports across India.


How to Book Air Ambulance in Bhubneswar?

For Booking. Call us now! 9999506969,9650578989

Alternatively, you can also send a mail to email id: sales@blueheightaviation.com


Although we will try to book air ambulance immediately once we receive a booking confirmation, the unavailability of aircraft or any other circumstances beyond human control may lead to delays in the booking.


We ensure to update our clients for any such delays as we are dedicated to offering the best services to all our esteemed clients.


If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to connect here!


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