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Are you looking for premier luxury flights to/from Singapore? 


Look no further as BlueHeight Aviation brings you the highest standards of Private Jet Destination Charter Services. Our experience for more than 10 years  in Private jet Charter services brings you the best of both worlds with its elite private Jet destination charter services.


Our esteemed clients are at liberty to personalize these charters as per their tastes and preferences.


With broader access to 7 airports in Singapore, we have laid no stone unturned to make your travel convenient and comfortable. The closest airports are Sembawang Airport (WSAG), Seletar Airport (XSP), Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), Paya Lebar Airport (QPG), and Tengah Airport (TGA), each of which is within 12 miles of Singapors          e. 


What are the famous Aircraft in Singapore for Destination Charter?

Light and Mid-size jets are the most famous aircraft in Singapore for Destination Charter. You can consider Piaggio Avanti and Learjet 35A under the soft jet category.

For Mid-size, we recommend Legacy 600 or Falcon 2000LX as they are the popular choices. Airbus 319 corporate or Boeing Business Jet is the ideal solution if you are looking for a large jet to accommodate a group of passengers.


How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet from/to Singapore?

The type of private jet charter you are availing of, the type of amenities you seek, and the distance you wish to travel will determine the cost of a Private Destination Charter from/to Singapore.


 Which Aircraft is Best for My Destination Charter? 

Several factors include the amount of luggage, total passengers, comfort level, non-stop range, and minimum runway required to finalize which aircraft is best for your destination charter.

To plan out the best charter travel, you can consult our representative to understand your requirements and suggest the correct aircraft type for convenient travel.

Singapore Empty Leg Flights 

If you are considering an affordable destination private jet charter, we recommend considering the Singapore Empty Leg Flights. You will get the best deals at unbelievable prices. Most Empty Leg Flights Destination charters can avail you of up to a 60% discount leading to significant savings.


About Singapore 

Singapore s one of the costliest cities in the world. With luxurious hotels, bespoke shopping, a wide range of Michelin-starred restaurants, and tourists from all over the globe, Singapore is one city you should visit at least once during your lifetime.


Enjoy the splendid Marina Bay Sands resorts to feel the luxury at its best. . The resort is among the most expensive alternatives ever constructed, sporting an estimated price of 8 billion Singapore dollars.


Some amenities include an infinity pool located on the 57th level and more than 300 stores, which will surely keep everyone entertained. With over 79 restaurants  including some of the most famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Tetsuya Wakuda, and Wolfgang Puck.


Another option is the Shangri La Singapore hotel, which has a stunning property surrounded by lush tropical gardens and more than 130,000 varieties of plants, trees, flowers, and Asian plants. The hotel has a range of tranquil treatment rooms and a spa that offers relaxing massages for your body if you want something more peaceful.


Singapore is a tiny island nation comprised of a diverse population with significant Chinese, Malay, and Indian influences. Famous for its food and shopping and booming business, Singapore is ideal for leisure and business, particularly as a place to stop before heading for Australia and further Asia.


Book a private plane to Singapore and discover this lively nation.


Things to Do In Singapore 

It doesn't matter if you're taking a stop-over in Singapore or are specifically visiting Singapore to explore its glory. You'll be delighted to discover this gorgeous city. With so many options, here is an itinerary of places you should check out.

The Botanic Garden 

The botanic garden is the only one in Singapore recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and houses the most delicate exotic plants and flowers. The 158-year-old park is situated inside the Orchard Road shopping district. If you are a nature lover, a stroll in this garden is a must to discover the stunning beauty of nature.

Orchard Road 

Spread across 1 mile long, it is a glistering 1-way tree line boulevard that houses many unique stores, boutique hotels, and great shopping centers.

Night Market 

To enjoy the local culture and cuisine and explore the local souvenir, visiting the Singapore night market is a must. From enjoying Singapore Street food to exploring Singapore's authentic tradition, you will get a candid glimpse of what the city is all about.

Singapore Zoo 

Home to more than 2800 animals, Singapore Zoo is an incredible place to explore the 300 species of reptiles, mammals, and birds. Get into the world's first orangutan habitat to experience living among wildlife in the lap of mother nature. 

Singapore Airports Within Miles 

The primary Airport within Singapore has been named Singapore Changi International, which provides a private terminal, and is located close to the heart of Singapore's city. On the outskirts country, you'll find a few smaller airstrips.

287 km: Pekanbaru, Indonesia (PKU / WIBB) Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport

19 km: Singapore, Singapore (SIN / WSSS) Singapore Changi Airport

63 km: Senai, Malaysia (JHB / WMKJ) Senai International Airport

61 km: Batam, Indonesia (BTH / WIDD) Hang Nadim International Airport


What Do You Get While Chartering A Private Jet? 

If you hire a personal aircraft through BlueHeight Aviation, whether it's for leisure or business purposes, a variety of services are included in the package.

To begin with, you're assured of traveling on the aircraft of your choice. With access to over fifty thousand private planes, we can always locate the right aircraft for your travels.

Additionally, our more than ten years of experience in delivering our clients across the globe and the buying strength and reputation that we have built up during that time allow us to find the most affordable cost for private flights for you. So, you'll have access to the most affordable personal charter options.

You have control over your schedule all the time and even on your flights. We can connect you to commercial aviation or let you fly according to your schedule. Whatever you require, your account manager is always available to assist you in managing and planning your trip the way you'd like.

After reaching your chosen destination, our agents can arrange the concierge service or rent a vehicle based on the way you'd like to travel once you've departed the plane. Our global coverage and knowledge can help you plan your trip - our offices are there to give you local expertise worldwide.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Mid-size or Super Mid Size jet? 

Depending on the requirement for additional space for luggage or passengers, a tiny jet may not be an option. Renting a mid-size helps you to cover the longer distances at a much higher speed.

Popular mid-size options such as Gulfstream G200/G280 costs around 350,000 INR per hour while Bombardier Learjet 60XR approximately costs Rs 4.0 lakh per hour. 

You're mistaken if you think chartering a small plane can help you save some bucks. Hiring a small jet costs you more than hiring a mid-range jet for longer journeys. It is due to the additional cost of refueling and landing and the extra trip time.


What are the Typical costs included in Destination Private Jet Charter? 


Here are the typical costs associated with the Destination Private Jet Charter:

Airport charges for managing an aircraft in the air by a fixed-base operation (FBO) or an aircraft handling company. It involves maintaining the aircraft's toilets and arranging transportation for passengers and fuel for the transfer to the airport, and providing rest facilities for crew members.

Fees for landing are based on the weight and size of your aircraft. These differ between airports and contribute to the maintenance of the airport's facilities.

Fuel is charged for the distance you fly. Prices constantly fluctuate, so a surcharge is typically added to cover the gap between the estimated cost for your private jet charter quote and the actual cost of flying.

 When Should I Consider A Heavy Jet?

Long-haul flights should be handled by large jets. Chartering a private aircraft can cost as high as six figures. For a fee, you can carry several passengers on longer journeys. A larger aircraft offers the benefits of a larger cabin, lavish amenities for planes, and services provided by flight attendants.

Ultra-long range private jet combines amazing speed and range with impressive interior features. The luxurious interior has four distinct areas that accommodate up to 16 people and offers excellent multimedia options for communication and entertainment.

What Amenities Can I Expect from Different Types of Private jets? 

Here are the Amenities you get with different types of Private Jets:

Very Light Jets 

VLJs have been relatively undiscovered in private aviation and provide an alternative to turboprop and piston aircraft that can give ultra-short-haul travel with a tight budget.

They are less expensive to operate than their regular private jets, and with the ability to use shorter runways, they're well-liked for personal use and also as a point-to-point air taxi. 

Specific models in this class will have a lavatory, while others don't.

Light Jet 

Light jets are among the most commonly used types of jets that are chartered for business because most executive travel can be arranged within a two-hour range, which means that light jet charters are the most cost-effective and comfortable solution for short-haul flights.

These types of jets can hold up to eight people, and with a variety of hold size options, they are cheaper than their larger counterparts and offer plenty of range when it comes to short flights. Most of these jets come with a lavatory on board. However, there's the rare one that does not have it.

Super Light Jets 

Super light jets give passengers a choice that offers certain advantages of a larger jet but at a lower cost than lighter jets. They are designed to accommodate up to nine passengers over longer distances than their lighter jet counterparts.

Specific jets in this class can reach a maximum distance that is close to 2500 NM and offer additional amenities like fully enclosed lavatories or small conference space, or even a refueling center, depending on the model of aircraft you select.

Midsize Jet 

There are plenty of choices in mid-sized jet charters since diverse combinations of speed, range, and comfort make mid-sized jets suitable for both long and short-haul flights.

They are a more efficient alternative to heavier jets. Their lower operating cost and plenty of luggage compartments, divans that fold up, and bathroom enclosures make them a smart option. They also have stand-up cabins. Some even include an attendant on the flight.

Super MidSized Jets 

Super-mid-sized jets are available to passengers who require a bit more than the features offered by an average-sized jet but don't meet the features and costs available in the heavier jet class.

If you're a person who wants an aircraft that is larger and able to fly more than their mid-sized models, some of the planes in this class could give the possibility of a maximum distance of 3600 NM.

Heavy Jets 

Heavy jets can be found in two types. The first is the standard heavy jet that can fly higher than lighter jets. Heavy jets are luxurious, with high-end cabins, stand-up seating, ample baggage and passenger capacity, lay-flat beds, private bathrooms, and a personal flight attendant that can ensure that you are taken care of at every need.

They can provide more comfort or capacity of passengers with a maximum of 19 passengers on some heavy jets.

Ultra Long Range heavy jets

The other category of heavy jets is the ultra-long-range models, which offer the ultimate luxury without going into the realm of an executive airliner. As you'll indeed discern, this type of heavy jet has all the advantages of regular heavy jets. However, they have the added benefit of being ultra-long range.

These aircraft can travel as high as 6,500 NM, which is between 2,000 and 3,000 NM greater than ordinary heavy jets.

Executive Liners 

If you don’t have any budget constraint, All you need is executive airliners. These are commercial aircraft models that have been bought and modified to meet the requirements of people who require the highest quality equipment and service.

The rows of seating are substituted by tables, conference spaces for entertainment, private suites, and more. The aircraft can comfortably accommodate 20 people, with some providing up to double this, depending on the style.

Alongside the creature comforts, many executive airliners come with a distance of 6000 meters.

Can I Consider Last-minute Travel For Private Destination Charter? 

You may consider last-minute travel, but it will come at higher pricing. You may also be left with limited jet options as most of the famous private jets are booked for 2-3 months in advance. However, if there is a last-minute booking that you need on an urgent basis, you can get in touch with a Blueheight Aviation representative to plan your travel in the best possible manner.


Is Empty Leg For Destination Charter a good option? 

Private jet charter prices can be very costly. However, there's an alternative possibility to travel in absolute luxury for less than the cost of empty leg flights. If Air Charter Service has a one-way charter for a private jet, the aircraft will often be empty upon returning to its base or on its way to the next destination. These "empty flight" flights are perfect for last-minute business or leisure travel. They are available to passengers for a price up to 75%.

If you are looking for the best Destination Charter Jet Services, call us now!


Blueheights charter gives you a wider choice and can help save time, allowing you to take-off or arrive closer to your destination and as well as the airports above there are over 30 airports in Switzerland that can cater Blueheights clients including:

Singapore Changi International Airport

Singapore Paya Lebar Airport

Singapore Seletar Airport

Tengah Airport


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