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Amarnath cave is a Hindu shrine located in Jammu and Kashmir, India. The cave is situated at an altitude of 3,888 m, about 141 km from Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and reached through Pahalgam town. Considered to be a sacred Hindu pilgrimage, Amarnath is famed for the natural formation of Shiva Linga from the snow. A large number of devotees throng Amarnath during the months of June and August. This pious journey, which is also dubbed the holy Amarnath Yatra, begins from Chandanwadi (16kms from Pahalgam) and via Pissu, Sheshnag and Panchtarni, it concludes at Amarnath Cave situated on the Amarnath mountain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for Chardham Yatra?

Once the snow is cleared from Himalayas in Mid-april, it is considered the best time for Chardham Yatra According to Hindu mythology, Chardham Yatra wash away the sins of the pilgrims and release them from the cycle of rebirth. You can choose from several Chardham Yatra tour packages by Helicopter

What are the associated places with Chardham yatra?

The word Char means four and the & dham means the holy places. It follows the famous believe that wherever the Lord Vishnu resides, Lord Shiva resides near to that place. Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri are the four prominent places which are covered under the Char Dham yatra by Helicopter

How many days are required for Char Dham Yatra by Helicoptor?

Minumum 5 days and in maximum 6 days, you can cover the Char Cham Yatra by Helicopter from Dehradun.

Which temple (Dham) should I visit first?

It is recommended to visit Yamunotri as the first Dham, followed by Gangotri, Kedarnath dham and Badrinath dham

Is there any special VIP darshan ticket in Chardham?

Yes, you can avail the VIP darshan at all char dham complimentary . Where as Maha Puja, Maha Abhishek and Rudr Abhishek at the Badrinath temple and <strong>Kedarnath temples</strong>. It will cost you additionally and not included in the indicative packages.

What should I carry along with me while travelling via helicopter?

The helicopter flight ticket is the most important thing that your should carry while your helicopter ride. You are recommended to carry the following things to make your journey comfortable: <ul> <li>Raincoat poly</li> <li>Woolen light weight</li> <li>Cash</li> <li>Socks</li> <li>First-aid kit</li> <li>Cap<</li> </ul>

What type of accommodation available at Chardham?

As these remote locations do not have luxury hotels at all dham,&nbsp;&nbsp;hence it is not recommended to not to have high expectations from accommodations here. However, our tour packages include best of hotels to make your stay plush.

Which mobile network is best during the Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter?

Reliance jio, Airtel and BSNL offer the great internet connectivity during your Char Dham Yatra

Is it safe for Char Cham Yatra by Helicopter during monsoon?

During monsoon, there are higher chances of land slides and road blocks. Hence the monsoon season varying between July and September needs to take weather forecast in consideration to have a better idea about the climatic conditions.

How the food will be arranged?

Depending on your arrival and departure, the breakfast, lunch and dinner shall be provided.Only veg meals are served to our guest (including jain meal) .&nbsp;Any additional meal apart from itineary shall be chargeable extra.

Is registration required for Char Dham yatra?

yes, online registration is mandatory for all passengers coming for chardham yatra via road,train or helicopter

Is e-pass required for visiting Char Dham?

No, as per government gudeline for passenger during 2022, E-pass was not required . Only Online Registartion of all passengers are required.

How long is yamunotri Track ?

Yamunotri dham temple is located 6.5 km from Kharshali Base.Which is a non motorable road . Passenegrs will be provided Palki or Pony in our chardham helicopter tour package.

How far is Gangotri Temple from Helipad?

Harshil helipad is base for Ganotri dham .<strong>Gangotri Temple</strong> is 25 km away from helipad. It take approx 45 minutes to reach temple from helipad in Innova taxi, provided by Blueheights Aviation.

How long is kedarnath Treck ?

Kedarnath treck is approx 17Km from <strong>Gauri Kund</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;base. However kedarnath temple is 500 mtr from <strong>Kedarnath&nbsp;Helipad&nbsp;</strong> Lower and 200 mtr from Kedarnath helipad upper (VIP)

Is accomodation available near Kedarnath Temple ?

Yes, Guest house with basic facility are available near Kedarnath temple.

Are there any taxi services from the Hotel to the helipad included in Chardham helicopter package ?

Yes, Pick and Drop facilities are inclusive from hotel to helipad and vice versa during chardham trip.

What kind of arrangements will be provided for disabled yatris during Chardham yatra by Air?

Wheelchair with assitance&nbsp;will be available at all dham ,where as Kandi is available at Kedarnath Dham Helipad.

Is Hemkund sahib yatra a part of chardham yatra ?

No, Hemkund sahib yatra is not part of this chardham yatra helicopter package. But passengers can book Seperate helicopter tour packge for <strong>Hemkunt sahib</strong> or <strong>Valley of flowers</strong> from Dehradun.

Which are chardham yatra places?

Yamunotri , Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are four main <strong>places in chardham yatra</strong> of Uttarakhand.

Where is Kedarnath temple?

<strong>Kedarnath Temple</strong> is located in Gadhwal Himalyan region ,on bank of river Mandakini in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.

How will be Kedarnath temperature during chardham yatra season May -June 2023 ?

Kedarnath temperature during summer will be&nbsp;Avg. from 30&deg; high and&nbsp;&nbsp;up to 15&deg; low

When Is Badrinath Temple door opening in 2023?

Badrinath temple door is going to open&nbsp;on 27th April 2023.

What are Other Places to See, which Can be Enjoyed While Visiting These Locations of Chardham?

There are various other religious sights to be seen, some of which include the tapovan temple, siddha cave and many other famous amphitheatres such as Auli or Valley of Flowers. You can also witness the mighty Tungnath Mandir and visit Chopta and Hariyali meadows with picturesque views. All these places have the potential to make your journey truly surreal!

हेलीकॉप्टर से चारधाम यात्रा का लगभग खर्च कितना होता है?

हेलीकॉप्टर से चारधाम यात्रा का खर्च कई कारकों पर निर्भर करता है, जैसे कि हेलीकॉप्टर का प्रकार, पैकेज में शामिल सेवाएँ, और यात्रा आयोजक। औसतन, आपको प्रति व्यक्ति ₹150,000 से ₹200,000 या इससे अधिक की रेंज में खर्च करने की उम्मीद हो सकती है। विभिन्न प्राथमिकताओं और बजट के हिसाब से बजट, मध्यम रेंज, और लक्जरी पैकेज उपलब्ध होते हैं। अपनी विशेष आवश्यकताओं के आधार पर सबसे सटीक और नवीनतम मूल्यों के लिए यात्रा आयोजकों से संपर्क करने की सलाह दी जाती है।

What is the opening dates of Char Dham Yatra 2024?

Expected opening dates of all dham will be around 10-14 may 2024

How do I book a helicopter for the 4 Dham Yatra through BlueHeights Aviation, and what factors should I consider for a seamless booking experience?

To book a helicopter for the 4 Dham Yatra with BlueHeights Aviation, visit their website, ensure advance booking, consider weather implications, check for age/health restrictions, understand refund policies, and adhere to specific baggage regulations for a smooth journey.

Why should you book chardham yatra package by helicopter with BlueHeights Aviation?

There are several compelling reasons to book your Chardham Yatra helicopter tour package with BluHeights Aviation: 1) 4 Dham Helicopter Yatra: Experience the convenience and luxury of traveling to all four sacred dhams – Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath – by helicopter. Our seamless 4 Dham helicopter yatra ensures you maximize your time and enjoy a hassle-free pilgrimage experience. 2)Convenient Booking Process: With BluHeights Aviation, booking your 4 Dham helicopter yatra is quick and easy. Our user-friendly booking platform allows you to select your preferred dates and package options with just a few clicks. 3)Tailored Packages: We offer customizable 4 Dham yatra packages by helicopter to suit your specific requirements and preferences. Whether you're traveling solo, with family, or in a group, we have the perfect package for you. 4) Kedarnath Temple Experience: Immerse yourself in the divine ambiance of Kedarnath Temple, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas. Our helicopter tours provide you with unparalleled access to this sacred pilgrimage site, allowing you to seek blessings in comfort and style. Kedar Temperature and Badrinath Weather Updates: Stay informed about the weather conditions at Kedarnath and Badrinath with our regular updates and forecasts. We prioritize your safety and comfort, ensuring you're well-prepared for your journey. 5) Experienced Crew and Modern Fleet: Our experienced pilots and dedicated crew ensure your safety and satisfaction throughout the Chardham Yatra. We operate a modern fleet of helicopters equipped with advanced technology and safety features. 6) Chardham Opening Date 2024: Be the first to embark on the sacred Chardham Yatra as we provide exclusive access to the opening dates of the pilgrimage sites in 2024. Plan your journey in advance and secure your spot with BluHeights Aviation.

When is Badrinath temple's door set to open in 2024?

The sacred doors of the Badrinath temple will be opened at 6:00 AM on May 12th, 2024.

Can I customize my Char Dham Yatra by helicopter package according to my preferences?

Absolutely! Many helicopter operators offer customizable Char Dham Yatra by helicopter packages that cater to the specific needs and preferences of travelers. Whether you have certain budget constraints, time limitations, or special requirements, you can discuss your preferences with the helicopter operator. Customization options may include adjusting the itinerary, selecting preferred accommodation options, arranging specific meals, and incorporating additional sightseeing destinations along the way. By tailoring the package to your preferences, you can ensure that your Char Dham Yatra by helicopter is personalized and aligned with your individual travel needs and expectations.

What is the approximate cost of the Char Dham Yatra by helicopter in 2024?

The approximate cost of the Char Dham Yatra by helicopter in 2024 can vary depending on several factors, including the helicopter operator, the type of helicopter used, the duration of the tour, and any additional services included in the package. On average, travelers can expect the cost to range between ₹190,000 to ₹2,50,000 per person for the entire journey. However, it's important to note that prices may fluctuate due to factors such as fuel costs, demand during peak seasons, and any changes in government regulations or taxes. It's advisable to inquire with helicopter operators for specific pricing details and to compare packages to ensure the best value for your Char Dham Yatra by helicopter experience in 2024.

What is cost of Chardham yatra by helicopter?

190,000-2,00,000 per person all inclusive

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