11 Places You Must Visit in Gangotri

11 Places You Must Visit in Gangotri


Gangotri is believed to be one of four holy Dhams (Char Dham) in Uttarakhand, comprising Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath. Many devotees from all over the world visit the beautiful temple each year to receive blessings from the goddess Ganga. It is situated over 3000 meters above sea level, amid lush green hills, with the stunning Ganga flowing along its banks.

The temple is a magnet for cynosure. According to the legend that originated here, it is from here that River Ganga began its journey. About 300 years ago, the Nepalese General named Amar Singh Thapa built this temple to show a sense of respect for the goddess. 

The peaceful, spiritual vibe emanating from the temple is enough to understand why this temple is of so much importance to everyone.




1. Gangotri Temple

Gangotri Temple is highly influenced by traditional 18th-century architecture. Its simplicity is evident in the white granite stone that makes up the whole structure. The temple is at the height of 20 feet and features a Sabha Mandap leading to the shrine where Goddess Ganga's Idol is set. 

The temple's top comprises three main and a few smaller cupolas, or domes, with gold Shikharas. This Gangotri Temple is a basic yet modest structure that can withstand the area's extreme climate and has an enchanting quality that draws visitors from all over the world.



2. Gangotri Glacier

Gangotri Glacier originates at the northern end, part of the Chaukhamba mountain range. It is among the enormous glaciers found in India and is also the source of the sacred Ganga River. The glacier's terminus can be found at Gaumukh and is considered a well-known hiking spot in Gangotri.

Because of its mineral content and the medicinal plant habitat, it flows through. It is thought that Ganges water is pure and therapeutic.


3. Kedar Tal

At an altitude of 4425 meters above sea level, cedar lake is renowned for its clear, cool water and breathtaking hike up rolling hills, which stretch for 18 kilometers. Be sure to bring a local guide along and get yourself prepared for your trip.



4. Surya Kund

Surya Kund is a spectacular waterfall located in Gangotri, situated 500m away from the Gangotri Temple. Surya Kund is a place of worship because there is a belief that the goddess Parvati took a bath in this place, paying tribute to The Sun God. The rainbow appears when water drops down the kund, and the sun shines. The ideal time to see Surya Kund is during the morning.

On the opposite side of the bridge made of iron in Gangotri is Gauri Kund, a stunning waterfall. It is accessible via the pathway that leads through that the Tapovan Kunti and Dandi Kshetra Ashrams.


5. Dharali

Just 2 km away from Harsil, Dharali is famous for its apple orchards as well as the cultivation of red beans. Lord Shiva's idol is inside an older temple located in the village.

In ancient mythology, Bhagirath was a meditator in this area to draw the Ganges from the heavens to pour into the earth. The temple is proof of the story.



6. Gaumukh

One of the holiest places in Uttarakhand, Gaumukh, is also known as Gomukh. It lies at the base of the sacred Bhagirathi River. It is located just 18km from Gangotri, the second largest glacier in India. It is popular with people who come to it for its tranquility and pious mythological story. Gaumukh is open only from May and October and is closed for the remaining year.

The name Gaumukh is a word that could be broken down to Gauwhich means cow, and Mukh, which means mouth. The terminus of the Gangotri glacier appears to be formed in the form of a cow's face, hence the name Gaumukh.

The route for the trek that runs from Gangotri towards Gaumukh can be described as Gangotri Gaumukh - Chirbasa and Gila Pahar - Bhujbasa - Gomukh. The 18km hike is typically completed in two days. There is no option to stay in Gaumukh. Bhojbasa is the sole night-stopping spot on the way, with a few options for accommodation. 

The ideal season to travel to Gaumukh would be from mid-August through September. The months of May through October can be cold. Avoid Monsoon from June to July.


7. Gangotri National Park

Gangotri National Park is profoundly located in the Uttarkashi district and is a famous tourist spot in Uttarakhand. The National Park owes its name to its Gangotri Glacier. 

A strenuous hike, crushed snow, broken trails, waving woods, and ruffled foliage add to the excitement of exploring the National Park. You will be able to see the oldest of settlements, the most sacred ritual of Hindus and the source of the river Ganga when traversing the Park. 

This National Park is famous as a high-altitude wildlife Sanctuary in India. The majestic glacial world and the countless coniferous trees make up the beautiful image in the Gangotri National Park.



8. Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, a 46km hike, takes between 6 and 8 weeks to accomplish. Starting from Gangotri in Uttarakhand, it passes along the Gangotri National Park. The moderately difficult trek is accessible to those who are new to the trek.

Catching a glimpse of the rarest Blue mountain goats, Bharal is standard across the region. Take a trip to and explore the Gaumukh Glacier, located only four kilometers from Bhojwasa. 

Gaumukh is the entrance point for the glacier, which leads to the Ganges, and Tapovan is the majestic mountain in the Garhwal. On your way to trek, you can enjoy thrilling activities like glacier transverse, mountain climbing and rock climbing.


9. Vishwanath Temple

According to Legends, this temple is built by Parashuram -  It is home to Kedar Khanda, also known as Skanda Puran. Then, in 1857, Maharani Khaneti restored the temple. The Shivlinga, which measures 60 cm tall and 90 centimeters in circumference, attracts numerous Shiva devotees from all over the nation.


10. Dodital

The home of the famed Himalayan trouts This sparkling lake, at 3204m. A few log cabins are scattered throughout the lake to camp and relax. Permits to fish are available by contacting the Divisional Forest Officer, Uttarkashi. You may also hike the 16km from Dodi Tal through Agoda or Kalyani.


11. Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal is a mesmerizing place worth visiting, which is profoundly located at 3950m (12956ft) above sea level. Meadows are not commonplace in modern days India. The lush green landscape, which is filled with clean air, cattle wandering through the hills and a soft breeze blowing through are an extremely European-inspired scene that is not common and can only be found in India and is only found at higher altitudes of the Himalayan mountains.

The mountains in Bandarpunch (6316m) in the vicinity of White Peak (6102m), the hike is a 7-km trail from the base camp at Barsu, which passes via the town of Raithal and finally ends at the top of Dayara Bugyal. While crossing through, you will see Himalayan mountain ranges like John Lee, Draupadi ka Danda and Bhagirathi.


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