Places to Visit In Yamuntori

Places to see in Yamunotri


Yamunotri is located in Uttarakhand state in India. This holy place is known for its natural beauty and spiritual atmosphere. Thousands of visitors pay tribute to River Yamuna by visiting Yamunotri every year.


The Yamuna is considered the second most sacred of rivers, following the Ganga. The belief is that the pure water of this river cleanses the sins of people who take a holy dip and shields them from a painful and premature death. The river flows along one of the temples that houses a massive statue of black marble, which is believed to be the goddess of great power.


The temple is situated at the base of Kalind Mountain, and by the part that of Banderpooch Mountain, the surroundings of the temple blend lush mountain vegetation along with the flowing river of the creek to create an enchanting sight. Near the temple are natural hot springs that flow from the magnificent mountains and the already beautiful spot, making it well worth the long and tiring hike.



The real location of the Yamuna river is just ahead of this location at an altitude of 4,421 meters above sea level, requiring tourists to hike to the top of the hill for a few kilometers. Your journey to Yamunotri is further enthralled by the mesmerizing bird views and exploring famous rivers of India.



Yamunotri Temple


The goddess Yamuna is considered to be the goddess of peace. The temple here is dedicated to the main river goddess Yamuna which is perceived to be the birthplace of the river Yamuna. It is among the major attractions for those on Uttarakhand's Chota Char Dham Yatra journey.


Situated at a high altitude of 3,293 meters above sea level in the majestic Garhwal Himalayas. The visitor will be amazed by the magnificent temple surrounded by massive mountains, amazing glaciers, and the stunning flowing waters of the magnificent Yamuna river.


While Yamunotri temple is a major attraction, many other places are worth visiting. We have listed 7 such places in and around Yamunotri that are worth visiting:





Barkot is a beautiful hill station and is the final important town in the vicinity of Yamunotri, situated within the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is situated in Uttarakhand. Ganga, along with the Yamuna river, flows across the city. Barkot is famous for its hiking trails, white water rafting, and amazing views of Bandarpooch mountain. Barkot is also an ideal stopover point on the Char Dham Yatra.



Hanuman Chatti


Hanuman Chatti is located 13km away from Yamunotri in Uttarakhand. Located near the confluence of the Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna Rivers, making it the favorite tourist spot. It is a well-known trek destination for those who want to go that connects Yamunotri, Darwa Top and Dodi Tal. Hanuman Chatti is home to the Hanuman Temple, the primary tourist attraction.


Hanuman Chatti served as the start point for the Yamunotri Dham before the road leading to Janki Chatti was made. The trek distance to Yamunotri has been reduced by 7 km. Most tourists who travel towards Yamunotri stay at Hanuman Chatti, which has good accommodations.



Divya Shila


Divya Shila, also known as the "slab of divine light," is a holy stone located just outside the principal Yamunotri shrine. Also often referred to as"the "slab with divine illumination," the devotees pay homage to Divya Shila before getting into Yamunotri Temple. Typically, pilgrims bathe at Surya Kund and cook rice and potatoes wrapped in a muslin cloak. The Prasad is first offered at Divya Shila before being transported into the Yamunotri Temple.


Surya Kund


Surya Kund is a thermal hot spring situated in the Yamunotri Temple complex. The hot water from this spring can be used for cooking potatoes or rice wrapped in muslin fabric. The belief is that eating this Prasad (offering) will satisfy the needs of devotees.


Based on a Hindu legend, Surya Kund gets its name from the sacred Yamuna River, which is the daughter of the Sun God Surya. Surya Kund is surrounded by the snow-covered Kalindi mountains, making the surroundings breathtaking.



Saptarishi Kund


Saptrishi Kund is a high-altitude lake that is situated at 4421 meters. It is believed to be the first origin of the Yamuna River, a popular trekking destination close to Yamunotri. Saptrishi Kund trek is one of the most challenging trekking routes in Uttarakhand. Although there aren't any roads or campsites, the trail remains frozen for most. The trek of 16 km begins from Jankichatti and passes to Yamunotri Temple.


Champasak glacier is considered the source of Saptrishi Kund. The Glacier lies in the higher parts of the Champasar mountainous region. Namely, the seven sages Viswamitra, Rishi Kashyap Atri, Bharadwaj, Vasisthaan, Gautama, and Jamadagni are believed to have performed penance here.





Kharsali, Also called Khushimath, is the winter home of goddess Yamuna. On Akshaya Tritiya day, the statue of Ma Yamuna is moved to this location away from Yamunotri Temple. In Bhai Dooj, the statue and Lord Someshwara are taken back to Yamunotri for the remaining six months. The village of tiny size is located one kilometer from Jankichatti.


Khushimath is home to an ancient Shani Dev Temple in India. The goddess' idol Yamuna can be seen in the shrine for six years. It is bordered by the snow-capped Garhwali mountains and boasts stunning views. It's also a fantastic camping location with luxury camps available there.



Janki Chatti


Jankichatti is the point of departure on the journey to Yamunotri. The trek of 6 km to Yamunotri can be completed within 2.5 minutes to three hours. It can be completed by mule or on foot, and the palki (palanquins) and pithoo (carrier) are all available from Jankichatti. It is also known for the hot springs in which pilgrims soak before embarking on their journey.


Jankichatti offers a variety of accommodation options for budget travelers, including hotels, ashrams and lodges. The journey to Yamunotri can be completed in one day, and pilgrims typically stay in Jankichatti. There are many restaurants and eateries in the area serving northern Indian food. Alcohol and non-vegetarian foods are not permitted at Jankichatti as well as Yamunotri.


Taxis and government buses are readily accessible, starting from Haridwar to Jankichatti.







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