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Air Ambulance Services in Guwahati

Air Ambulance Services are the fastest way to get medical attention to critically ill or injured patients. They provide emergency transport from anywhere in India to hospitals across the country.

Guwahati has seen rapid growth in population over the last decade. As a result, the demand for healthcare services has increased significantly. It has led to a surge in the demand for air ambulances in the region.

BlueheightAir Ambulance Services in Guwahati provides quick response times. It helps save lives by ensuring that people with severe injuries do not have to wait long hours before receiving medical assistance.

The best part about these services is that there are no long queues. Patients can contact an air ambulance service directly without visiting multiple hospitals.

What are the benefits of using Air Ambulance Services?

• Quicker response time: Since the entire process is automated, it reduces the turnaround time. The patient does not need to wait around for a doctor's appointment. They can be taken to the hospital immediately after contacting the air ambulance company.

• Affordable cost: There is a myth that air ambulance services come at very high prices. However, with multiple players providing Air Ambulance services, you can avail them at the most competitive prices.

• Availability 24×7: These services operate round-the-clock. You don’t have to worry if you call them during off-peak hours. The doctors will arrive within 30 minutes of your call.

• High-quality care: Doctors board these aircraft regularly. They undergo training so that they can handle emergencies effectively.

• Reliable service: These services use modern technology to ensure that the flight is on schedule. If anything goes wrong, the crew contacts the control room to find out what happened.

• No waiting in line: Unlike regular ambulances, these aircraft do not require you to stand in line for several hours.

How to choose the right air ambulance company?

When looking for an air ambulance provider, ask for references from previous clients. Ask how often they respond to calls. Also, check whether the company has insurance coverage.

•    Make sure that the company uses well-maintained aircraft. Check the maintenance records.

•    Ask about the qualifications of the pilots and paramedics. Are they trained to handle critical situations? Do they have experience handling emergencies?

•    Check the credentials of the doctors and nurses. How many years of experience do they have? What certifications do they  hold?

•    Does the company provide any guarantees? Can you get a refund if something goes wrong?

•    Does the company offer 24×7 emergency support?

•    Are there any hidden charges?

•    Is the price transparent?

•    Do they offer discounts for bulk bookings?

•    Do they offer free pick-up or drop-off?


Is Air Ambulance Service expensive?

Yes, it is more expensive than regular ground ambulance services. But, it is still very cost-effective. The cost of Air Ambulance Services in Guwahati varies with the distance and other facilities availed on-board. Considering its benefits and the turn-around time for repatriating a patient, Air Ambulance services are cost-efficient to deal with any emergency medical evacuation. 


Who needs an air ambulance?

Anyone who requires urgent medical attention can benefit from this service. People suffering from heart attacks, strokes, head trauma, burns, etc., can use this mode of transport.

People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, etc., can also benefit from air ambulance services. These conditions require constant monitoring and frequent visits to doctors. An air ambulance allows patients to travel quickly and conveniently.



How does an air ambulance work? 

A doctor on board the aircraft monitors the patient's condition. They contact the closest hospital using a satellite phone. Once the patient arrives at the hospital, they are immediately taken into emergency care.Blueheight Air Ambulance Services provide bed-to-bed transfer facilities.

Separate arrangements are available for the COVID patients. Blueheight Aviation Ambulance Services follow strict COVID protocols to ensure the highest safety of patients. 

You can book an Air Ambulance Service from Guwahati . Airport.

Are there any risks involved in using an air ambulance?

No. Using an air ambulance comes with no risk whatsoever. The aircraft is equipped with modern technology and safety features. It has been designed to ensure the safety of passengers.

Can I book my air ambulance?

You cannot book your air ambulance. Only pre-booked air ambulances are available.

About Blueheight Aviation Air Ambulance Services

Blueheight Aviation Air Ambulance Services was founded in 2018. It offers world-class air ambulance services. By ensuring that every patient receives the best possible medical care, Bluehieght services aim to cater the emergency evacuation needs of the patients across India. All the international Ambulance Services are available from the airports in major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other international airports in India. 

If you have any questions regarding our air ambulance services, please call us at +91-9999506969 or write to us at sales@blueheightaviation.com. 

You can avail the Air Ambulance Services from all . Airport in Guwahati. We look forward to hearing from you


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