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Why Group Charter Flight With Blueheights Aviation?

Group Charter flights is the best way to plan a hassle-free travel for many people at the same time. Even experienced travel planners can be overwhelmed by the logistical challenges involved in large-scale commercial travel.

The reliability of commercial air travel has declined steadily, leading businesses and travel agents to rely more on private jet charters flights for large groups.

What Is a Group Charter Flight?

It is a type of commercial air travel where several passengers share a single ticket. The cost per passenger is usually lower than buying individual tickets. Group charters are often used for corporate events, weddings or conferences.

Group charters or Shared Charter flights are becoming increasingly popular for corporate charter services because they offer a convenient way to save time and money. They also allow travelers to enjoy their trip together.

Why Consider Blue Height Group Charter Services? 

For major sporting events, safety, flexibility and reliability have remained important factors in the planning and logistics. We have extensive experience working with professional sports leagues and major sporting governing bodies.

This allows us to offer group charter for team travel. It is well-recognized because it gives you more control over the entire process. We offer private jet services that can accommodate groups of any size, anywhere in the world.

What are the Benefits of Using Group Charter Flight?

The main benefit of using group charter flights is that you can save time by not having to book your own seats separately. You can also use this method if you want to travel with friends or family members who don’t have their own airline

  • Minimized Exposure Risk

It is crucial to minimize contact with other people in order to reduce the risk of infection. You have the freedom to fly wherever, whenever and with whom you want.

You can avoid the hassle of flying from larger, more crowded commercial hubs. Instead, choose a smaller or more local airport. A private airport helps with the reduction in the complexity and number of touch points and surfaces. It will also reduce face-to-face interaction for your group.

You can control who your team contacts by keeping groups together on a team 'bubble. We only work with approved operators of aircraft, making sure that crew and aircraft comply with COVID-19 requirements.

  • Better Control Over Scheduled Services 

Due to travel restrictions around the world and a decrease in demand, scheduled services have seen a dramatic drop in their availability. Schedules will not be able to return to pre-pandemic levels until travel restrictions are lifted. With many sporting events requiring strict travel plans, scheduled services may not be able to accommodate these requirements. A private charter is a reliable option that guarantees availability and ensures your team gets to the place they need to go, when they need it.

  • Strict Safety Guidelines

Our Services division (formerly Safety & Security), has provided us with the most current processes to ensure safe travel throughout COVID-19. We can also arrange for the deep cleaning of your aircraft before departure. All passengers will be provided with PPE including gloves and face masks. We can make sure your team is fully protected when you choose to fly via aircraft charter.

  • Enriched Travel Experience

BlueHeight Aviation can also cater to their clients with special dietary requirements. We can provide tailored onboard catering to ensure that crew members have minimal contact time.

  • Beat Jet Lag

Yes! It is one of the significant advantage of booking a private Jet. As you don’t need to adhere to the odd-timings of commercial flights, there are higher chances that you can beat the jet lag by hiring a private jet.

These additional measures can all be customized to meet your specific requirements. Our dedicated Account Managers are available to offer advice and assistance.

Get in touch if you need more information about private charters for your group. We can provide you with the right solution for your needs thanks to our dedicated 24/7 support,  15 years of aviation experience, access to 11000+ worldwide licensed operators, and expert advice for a convenient travel.

Whether you are looking for private charter flight for 20 passengers or looking for affordable charger plane 100 passengers cost, BlueHeight Group Charter Services is a one-stop solution for all your needs. 

How to Charter a Plane for a Large Group?

Blueheight Aviation has group charter options for any size party. We have over 15 years of experience in group charter coordination and can access a wide range of aircraft to ensure top-of the-the-line customer support from the moment you call until your plane arrives at its destination.

Blueheight Aviation, a global charter company that provides comprehensive air transport services, is unique. We can arrange small and large group charter flights for businesses, government agencies, sports teams, executives, and business people. Blueheight Aviation is a leading charter flight service company. We specialize in private group charter flights.

  • Group charter for executives: Fly your business meetings in the air! Our private charter services give your group full control over the aircraft and the privacy that commercial charter flight does not offer.
  • Group charter air charter for corporations: We can arrange group air charter company rentals. We can assist your company's team to travel for meetings and conferences, tradeshows, etc.
  • Private charter: Private charter isn't just for business travel. CSI can help you find a charter plane or another aircraft for group travel anywhere in the world, whether it's for vacations, weddings, birthdays or any other purpose.


Private Charter For Group Travel with BlueHeight Aviation

Blueheight Aviation organizes private jet charters for groups using a variety of licensed air carriers as agents. Blueheight Aviation is more than an operator of a particular aircraft type. It is a leading air charter company that offers a wide range of air transport services.

Blueheight Aviation is flexible and has no geographical restrictions. Our group charter flight company, a global leader in aviation services, will offer reliable and cost-effective options to all your group air charter transportation needs.

Group Charter Costs

Group charter costs vary based on departure/arrival locations and the number of days involved in the trip. The type of aircraft also makes the difference in terms of pricing. Group Air Charter is always a cost-effective option as compared to a private jet charter and deliver an enriching travel experience over commercial group travel. But one of the Private Jet Charter Mistake that people do is booking them on spot that leads to higher pricing. Always consider to book in 2-3 months advance to get the best pricing quotes.

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