Chardham Tour Package By Helicopter from Maharashtra (2023)

Char Dham Yatra Package By Helicopter From Maharashtra 

Price:- 190,000 onwards Per Person 

Maharashtra is one of India's most beautiful and scenic states, with its rich culture, history, and heritage. The state has a lot to offer tourists looking for adventure, fun, and excitement. While the tradition of the Saints dates back more than 800 years, Maharashtrians are highly devotional with a long history of spiritual leaders. And there is no doubt that many people every year aspire to visit Char Dham Yatra in Uttrakhand to seek blessings. 

If you are looking for Chardham Yatra By helicopter from Maharastra, you are at the right spot. 


Relevance of Chardham Yatra by Helicopter:

The four great Hindu pilgrimage sites, known as "Char Dham," located in India - Badrinath, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Yamunotri - are situated along the banks of the river Ganga. These holy places are visited by millions of pilgrims every year. Due to the high altitude and harsh weather conditions, people usually travel to Chardham via Helicopter. It is the easiest and quick way to reach Chardham. 


Chardham Yatra is considered one of the most pious Yatra in Hinduism. It is believed that every Hindu must perform this Yatra at least once in their lifetime. Devotees believe that this Yatra takes them to the path of Moksha (breaking the vicious circle of life and death). 


Chardham Yatra is not just a spiritual journey; it also takes you through the impeccable beauty of Uttrakhand. 


You will be able to witness the magnificence of the Himalayas, lush green forests, snow-capped mountains, rivers flowing down from the mountains, waterfalls, and many other natural wonders during your journey.


Let's check out the detailed itinerary of the Chardham Yatra By Helicopter from Blueheight aviation:


Day 1: Maharastra to Dehradun

There are 32 flights available from Maharastra to Dehradun. Only 3 are direct flights, and the rest 29 are indirect flights. Direct flights take 4 hours to reach Dehradun. You may also travel via train, which takes around 33 hours to reach and can be tedious. 


Hence, the airway is the quickest and easiest way to reach Dehradun conveniently.


Program Summary

From Maharastra to Dehradun

Overnight Stay at Dehradun

Day 2: Dehradun to Yamunotri

The most cherished Dham Yatra will start from the Dehradun to the Kharsali Helipad (Yamunotri temple). The distance between Kharsali Helipad and the Yamunotri temple is about 6 kilometers. It is easily covered by trekking. Palki (or pony) service is accessible for an additional cost. After Darshan, pilgrims head back to Kharsali.


Explore the scenic beauty of Kharsali after a soulful darshan at Yamunotri temple. Stay overnight to recharge yourself for the next day's Yatra.


Program Summary:

Traveling towards Kharsali Helipad from Shastradhara

Kharsali Helipad, to Yamunotri temple, via horses or Palki

Stay at a hotel for overnight in Kharsali.

Day 3: Yamunotri to Gangotri

The next Dham to be addressed during Yatra is Yamunotri. It is believed to be the place of worship for Goddess Yamuna. The visitor will take the Helicopter from Kharsali Helipad to reach Harsil. After that, you'll take an auto ride to Yamunotri Temple for Darshan. After a delightful Darshan at Gangotri Darshan, return to Harsil to discover its tranquil beauty. Relaxing and unwinding in the hotel is a great way to recharge.


Program Summary:

Traveling from Kharsali to Harsil

Reaching Gangotri Temple Via Car

Overnight Stay at Harshil

Day 4: Gangotri to Kedarnath

Kedarnath is among the twelve Jyotirlingas and one of the most famous Panch Kedar temples. You will leave early morning from Harsil to reach Kedarnath. Shuttle helicopter flights are available at Kedarnath. You will be given 2 hours for Darshan and pooja at Kedarnath temple. Then you will proceed to Bhairo mandir and Adi Shankaracharya Samadhi along with Blueheight aviation crew as the other important places worth visiting near Kedarnath.


The sightseeing experience at Triyuginarayan temple is truly a spiritual awakening. The legend says that it is where God Shiva, along with Goddess Parvati, is married.


Program Summary:

Harsil to Sersi the helipad

A shuttle flight from Kedarnath

Darshan at Kedarnath Temple

Visit Triyuginarayan Temple


Day 5: Kedarnath to Badrinath

The final Dham to be covered under the Char Dham Yatra Circuit is Badrinath. It is also known as the home of Lord Vishnu. You'll travel towards Sersi Helipad to reach Badrinath. After lunch, you'll travel towards the Badrinath temple for Darshan. It takes about two hours to finish the Darshan. Go back to Sersi following the Darshan to discover Badrinath's surroundings. Mana Village is an exciting exploration that is located along the Indo-Tibetan Border.


Program Summary:

Sersi to Badrinath Temple

Returning to Sersi

Afternoon Sightseeing at Mana Village

Day 6: Back to Dehradun

It's time to pack your bags for the return trip to Dehradun. We'll depart the Sersi early to get to the Sahastradhara Helipad. It is possible to stay in Dehradun at your own expense. When you arrive at Dehradun, you can collect your luggage and drop it off (at the start of the Yatra). Go to the Dehradun Airport/Railway Station to reach Maharastra. 

Tour ends with some unforgettable moments.


Program Summary

Badrinath to Dehradun

Dehradun to Maharastra


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any Weight Limit for Chardham Helicopter Tours? 

Yes, there is a weight limit for every helicopter flying for Chardham. The maximum weight allowed per person is 5 kg. Passengers need to carry minimal luggage to comply with the weight requirements.

What essentials should I carry with me during the helicopter flight?

Essentials such as warm clothes, water bottles, cash, an umbrella, etc., are essential to carry during the helicopter flight to ease your Yatra.

How Many Can Passengers Fly at a Time on Chardham Yatra Helicopter?

The number of passengers allowed onboard a helicopter during a flight varies according to the type of aircraft used. For example, helicopters can usually carry up to four to six people.

What Happens If the weather is Bad?

The helicopter services are suspended when the weather turns bad. Generally, these services are scheduled based on the weather forecast. But, if there is some interrupted weather condition, the helicopter flights are bound to defer till the weather is appropriate for flying.

At which altitude can the Chardham Yatra Helicopter fly?

The Chardham Yatra helicopters can fly at altitudes ranging from 4,500 meters to 9,000 meters. For Yamunotri, the maximum height is about 5,000 meters; for Gangotri, it is about 6,000 meters; for Kedarnath, it is about 7,000 meters.

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