Unseen Badrinath Pictures You Must Check Out

Unseen Badrinath Pictures You Must Check Out 


While no one knows clearly how old the Badrinath temple is, this sacred spot has been a place of worship for the Hindus since immemorial. This glorious site is associated with many mythological tales, some of which we will unveil today. Badrinath Ji is one of the prominent shrines of Chota Char Dham and is counted as one of the significant corners among the four corners of Chardham Yatra in India.  

There are many sacred fantasies and legends associated with Badrinath. One such tale suggests that Goddess Laxmi covers Lord Vishnu with berries and appears as the beery tree to safeguard him from cold. Henceforth Badri (Sanskrit Name for Indian Jujube Tree) and Nath (which means the God) named the place Badrinath. 


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The growing popularity of Badrinath can be assessed by the fact that every year more than 1 million devotees come to the place for the darshan of Lord Vishnu. Although there was no direct road access to Badrinath before 1962, things have drastically changed due to advancing technology.


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History of Badrinath

Badrinath is a holy town located in Uttarakhand, India. There are two popular stories associated with Badrinath. According to Vishnu Puranas, the ancient Hindusim text, there are two sons of Dharam Nar and Narayan. In the present times, there are two mountains with the same name dedicated to them.

As these brothers were looking for a hermitage place, this location with hot and cold springs behind the Alaknanda river was appropriate for them. This leads to the origin of pious Badrinath.

Another tale suggests that while Lord Vishu was meditating in the cold Himalayas, Goddess Laxmi took the form of the Badri (Jujube) tree to protect him. Lord Vishnu was pleased when they woke up and named the place Badrika Ashram.

Adi Guru Shankaracharya begins the tradition of Nambudiri Brahmin under which, while the location of Badrinath lies in Northern India, the priest is always chosen from the southern state of Kerala. According to the historical evidence from the 18th century, when the last Shiva ascetics died without any heir, the local king invited the Nambudiri community to take charge. To date, this community believes in the southern Indian appointments till date. The chief pujari is appointed here with the consultation of Garhwal and the royal families of Travancore.



Construction of Badrinath Temple

The King of Garhwal moved the Lord Vishnu idol to the present Badrinath temple. The temple has a small dome on its top, which is covered with a gold gilt roof. The temple's approximate height is 50 ft (15m) tall. There are arched windows with a stone facade within the temple. At the same time, the construction of the temple was undertaken in the 17th century by the King of Garhwal.

However, the Himalayan earthquake in 1803 destroyed the temple massively. The temple's cave is 200 meters above Mana Village - The Last Village of India. 



Frequently Asked Questions


How Many Tourist Places in Badrinath?

There is a total of 19 tourist places to visit in Badrinath. These religious destinations have mythological relevance, most of which are belonged to the Mahabharat epic.

Why Is Badrinath Temple Closed for 6 Months?

During the winter in Northern India, heavy snowfall in Badrinath makes it inaccessible due to its proximity to the Himalayas. Hence, the doors of Badrinath get closed for 6 cold months.

Who Does Pooja In Badrinath Temple?

Rawls is the priest that performs Pooja at the Badrinath temple. Adi Guru Shankaracharya Ji has made special arrangements for the four Dhams. But specifically in Badrinath Kerala, Rawals are appointed.

Who Wrote Badrinath Aarti?

In 1880, Dhan Singh wrote the manuscripts that were a village revenue collector. The local claims that they got to know about this from their ancestors.

Which Mountain Is Badrinath Temple?

Badrinath Temple is located between the Nar and Narayan mountain in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand. It is one of the most sought-after pilgrims in India, located in the backdrop of Neelkanth Mountain Peak.

What Should I Buy In Badrinath?

There are small markets near the various shrines, so you can consider buying trinkets, idols of gods, tiny metal lamps, and incense sticks. The miniature of 'Silgram SIla' is also available to buy as a souvenir for your holy trip.

Is Mobile Allowed In Badrinath Temple?

No, mobile is not allowed inside the temple. There are locker rooms outside the temple where you can deposit your mobile before entering the premises.




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Frequently Asked Questions

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