Reasons to Choose Air Ambulance Service to Shift Patients in Metro Cities

Reasons to Choose Air Ambulance Service to Shift Patients in Metro Cities

Jun 03, 2023


Saving a patient’s life is more important than anything else and no other way can be better than shifting him/her to world-class hospitals, where all modern medical facilities are provided by following the protocol of international standards.


Situation becomes different, when you have to shift patient from a remote location to a hospital in metro city or Tier 1 city. In that case, air ambulance services can be the best options – that are provided through helicopters and air charter planes – that are equipped with all modern medical facilities and trained staff.


It is one of the best ways to provide instant medical care and shift patient in world-class hospital.

Shift Patient in Emergency Situation to Any World-Class Hospital in Tier 1 City

It Saves time and patient will get emergency medical on the aerial way

You can lift patient from hilly areas, forest areas, rural areas, or even from anywhere else to shift anywhere in Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Bhopal, Bangalore, Chennai or even abroad.


Air ambulance services are more convenient and take lesser time to complete the distance through aerial route. The distance between Banaras to Delhi, for instance, is around 900 Km and covering this distance through roads may require more around 18 hours to complete. It is more time, if the patient’s condition is critical and need instant shifting to Delhi & NCR in a world-class hospital. In that case, air ambulance services will be the right options. The patient will be moved to nearby airport in Banaras and from there to Delhi via Charter plane or air ambulance that is equipped with all medical facilities.


Air ambulance services get clearance from the airport authorities and shifting is also done from airport to hospital instantly.

The air ambulance is equipped with all medical facilities that you need.

Prices may be higher in comparison to the ambulance that moves on the roads, but saving more time and life of the patient.

The trained medical staff in the air ambulance is experienced.

It is one of the best ways for those who are in remote areas and need instant medical help. For them, choppers are available to lift the patient.


Blueheights Aviation is a one stop aviation company providing you air ambulance services to anywhere in India and even for other cities abroad.


The leading aviation company has a fleet of charter planes, helicopters and trained staff. Blue Height Aviation gets clearance from air traffic controller and complete assistance in shifting patient. You have to make a contact in case of emergency medical situations and get the right solutions.




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