Does Private Jet fly faster than Commercial Flights?

Does Private Jet fly faster than Commercial Flights?

Jun 03, 2023

Besides seeking high-end customization, the most important reason for choosing a private jet charter over a commercial flight is to save travel time considerably. Not only private jet saves you from the tedious process of boarding in commercial flights, but it also flies faster.

With its two advantages – flying at higher altitude and compact in size, most private jets fly faster than the commercial flights.


How fast does a private jet fly?

The average cruising speed of a private jet is 600 mph as it flies between a speed range of 400 mph to 700 mph. Altitude, the mass of aeroplane, size and temperature are the factors which play a pivotal role in determining the speed of an aeroplane.

Dassault Falcon 7X fly at the maximum speed of 685 mph while Gulfstream G-650 reaches the speed of 704 mph. The Cessna Citation X comes with the top speed of 711 mph, making it the fastest private jet to fly.

The average speed of commercial flight varies between 460 mph to 575 mph. Boeing 747 has a cruising speed of 500 mph which is quite lower than an average private jet. Higher the mass, greater the drag affecting the speed of an aeroplane adversely.

How high the private jet fly?

One of the attributing factors for higher speed for a private jet is flying at higher altitudes compared to a commercial flight. A private jet cruise between 31,000 feet to 38000 feet as lower altitudes. Typically, a private jet flies at the altitudes of 41,000 feet.

As commercial flights are much heavier compared to a private jet, it poses safety risk if these flights fly too high. Air is thinner at the higher altitudes leads to less resistance in keeping the plane steady in the sky. It also takes longer to land in case of emergencies when the plane is flying at the higher altitudes.


The private jet charter also escapes the commercial routes by flying at the high altitudes to ease the air traffic control and monitoring by the aviation authorities.


Most the private jet are equipped to deal with the thinner atmosphere with a specialized pressurize system. When a private jet reaches the altitude of 8.000 feet, the cabin is pressurized.

Due to the lack of life-supporting systems and power, single-engine private aeroplanes fly at a lower altitude than the commercial flights. As thinner air lacks oxygen, the aircraft's flying above 12,500 feet requires supplemental oxygen.

If the flight last longer than 30 minutes at the altitude between 12.500 to 14,000 feet, it requires to provide supplemental oxygen to its staff, passengers and crew.


Which Private Jet can fly the farthest?

A long-range private jet like Bombardier Global 8000 can fly the farthest with a cruising speed of 850 mph. Gulfstream G650ER has a maximum range of 8.630 miles and also can fly to the far off places.


How many pilots are required in a Private jet?

The plane weighing less than 12,500 pounds and owned by an individual is allowed to be flown by a single pilot. However, if you are a charter company or your aeroplane weights over 12,500, it must be operated by two pilots, according to the guidelines laid by the FAA.


Most the Private Jet Fly faster than the commercial flights due to their compact size and lesser weight. Private jet operators like Blueheights Aviation follows strict regulations for air travel to keep you safe while travelling. The increased safety of private jet is the result of strict monitoring through modern technology. Due to light in weight, Private Jets are safer to achieve higher altitudes.

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