How much fuel does a private jet use ?

How much fuel does a private jet use ?

Jun 03, 2023

The cost of fuel on private jets can average approximately $450 to $850 per hour. Naturally the larger the aircraft the higher the burn. There are several factors that impact the fuel burning capacity of any aeroplane.

Jet fuel currently costs about $2.25 – $5.50 the gallon. If you're flying 400 hours of flying every year you expect an additional $266k in fuel. The Gulfscan g700 is capable of burning 380 gallons per hour, which would put the fuel-expectation at almost $800.

If you fly more than 190 hours per year you should pay $26000 in Private Air fuel per annum. The price to own a private jet varies based on the weight of the plane and flight speed.

In this blog post, we will discuss how much fuel does a private jet use:

VLJ aircraft hourly fuel burn

The Citation M2 from Cessna is very close to becoming a light aircraft. The Cirrus Vision Jet can reach its max speed at 311 rpm and its altitude up to 31,000 ft. Also, the average weight of fuel these planes will burn on an hour is dramatically the same.

On the other hand, a Cirrus vision turbojet runs on a normal hourly basis just 50 Gallons. A total that is very close to the most fuel efficient light avionics on the market is about $200 an hour for fuel. And the aircraft with a single jet engine is certainly different.

Light aircraft Hourly Fuel Burn

The Citation III produces the highest efficiency by consuming 241 gallons of fuel at a speed of 317.88 mph on average. A CJ1+ consumes 134 gallons of fuel every hour. This is similar to C3+. It consumes about 132 gallon of oil the hour that only costs $660. The daily average fuel costs are 241 gallons per hour for the Citation III and CJ1+ and $660 per flight. The Citation III is the light jet which started in 1983 and burns more fuel than any light airplane in the same category of light aircraft.

Medium aircraft Hourly Fuel Burn

The average daily energy consumption of the Hawker 800XP is 291 gallons per hour. As an average gas price of $5 / gallon, the 330XP can expect a price change of $1.458 per flight hour. The Pilatus PC-24 is the first private jet made by Pilatus however it is very versatile in being able to land on grass and dirt runways. The average daily burning weight is 160 gallons per hour compared to 800 dollars of a standard flight. This is a very reasonable cost for such large capable aircraft. It's a low hourly figure for mid sized aircraft.=

Large Aircraft Hourly Fuel Burn

Embraer Lineage 1000/E burn the most fuel per hour with a mean fuel output of 626 gallons per hour. Averaging $5.25/gallon per gallon of Jet-A jet fuel the Embraer Lineage 1000/E just requires $3.130 per hour of fuel. Dassault Falcon 50 burns 209 gallons of gasoline an hour while Falcon 50 costs $1145 an hour. Falcon 50 has hourly fuel usage of 222 gallons. This results in an additional $240 per hour for gasoline. Though it was an aircraft built in the 1980s the Falcon 50 is an aircraft of the late 20th century.

Variables affecting fuel burn

The number of fuel burners in any jet depends on several different factors. Following factors will influence the fuel economy of a flight. The average fuel usage per hour corresponds to the average volume that these aircrafts burn per hour.


Cruising speed

It is the first factor that determines the volume of fuel consumed during the flight. This is also known as "speed knots" or "KTAS". The more time an aircraft spends on a plane, the more fuel it will cost to fly. Cruise altitude can certainly make a difference in fuel burn rates. Also, if you decide to go up in a plane, then a change of altitude can also results in a change of fuel consumption. According to the law of physics, as the aircraft climbs, the pressure decreases and so it is less effective to burn fuel.


In addition to speed and altitude there are many other factors that affect jets differently. The weight of each aircraft has a great impact on the consumption of fuel. Cruise speed and altitude will change according to changes in aircraft weight. Also, if the maximum takeoff weight is changed then the data of each plane used for these calculations will be different. The cost of fuel can also change depending on where you fly from or where you fly your plane to. In some cases it is cheaper to fly within one country than another.

Other Factors

It is clear that the fuel economy of aircrafts varies by type, size, and model. If you are careful with your budget then it will not be difficult for you to set your fuel economy since there is so much information on this topic available online. But if you want to know how long your aircraft can fly, then you will need to know the weight and volume of your jet.

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