Can you beat jet lag by hiring a private Jet?

Can you beat jet lag by hiring a private Jet?

Jun 03, 2023

Jet lag is a common issue which most of the people encounter, especially during long air travels. As travelling to the different parts of the world leads you runs through the different time zones, your circadian rhythm gets disrupted, leading to a jet lag. To prepare your body to a new time zone, it generally takes 1-2 day.


However, if you prepare in advance, your body would be more adjusted at your destination by minimizing the jet lag effects. Private jet charter Services are highly customized to ensure maximum comfort to travelers, yet many travelers bump into jet lags.


If you are one of them, this article is for you!

Here are the 5 ways in which you can beat the jet lag by hiring a private jet:


Prefer small meals

Eating large meals in one go often causes discomfort and worsen your jet lag. You may feel more lethargic after a huge meal. It is recommended to opt for small meals which are easy to digest to refrain any strain on your body. It also helps the stomach to digest with ease at high altitudes. You will be easily adjusted to the mealtimes at your destination with this strategy.


Sleep strategically

Once you board your flight, you can request your private charter attendant to set the clock as per the time at your destination. This will help your body to adjust with the time at your destination. Every time you will check the time; it will indicate your mind and helps you to prepare according to the new time zone.

Sleeping according to your destination time zone also helps in preparing your mind and body accordingly. If you board a flight in the noon and the time zone at your destination is midnight, spend the second half of your flight at sleeping to adjust your body accordingly.


Therapeutic Lighting

Eyes play a significant role in setting up your biological cycle. Depending on the lighting around you, your retina sends the signal to your brain and prepares your body to function. The production of serotonin by the brain depends on the wavelengths in light. This serotonin is converted into melatonin which induces sleep.


Hence, when the light is dim, you brain indicates your body to sleep. Orange or red wavelengths are effective n inducing sleep. One of the benefits of a private jet for business is to request your attendants to dim the lights when you want to sleep during the flight to ensure a peaceful sleep.


Follow a schedule

A pre-panned schedule at your destination will keep your mind and body alert. You can plan a refreshing shower after reaching hotel and an interesting sight-seeing session thereafter. Plan to catch up with your friend or go for walk. If you feel tired, plan a nap for not more than 45 minutes to recover your body from jet lag.


Avoid sleeping for longer hours as you may encounter difficulties sleeping at night leading to disruption in your biological clock.


• Hydrate yourself

Replace your caffeine and alcohol with sports drink and bottled water while long flights. Caffeine is highly responsible for dehydrating your body. While most of the people prefer tea and coffee to comfort themselves during a long journey, the diuretic effects of these beverages elevate the jet lag.

It is important to keep your body hydrated to avoid sluggishness, fogginess, lethargy and headaches during long flights.


With the right strategies and preparations, jet lags can be minimized or eliminated. Chartering a private plane from a reputed aviation company like Blueheights Aviation ensures highly customized services to ensure maximized comfort to escape Jet lags. Lastly, if nothing seems working for you, medication is the best way to escape jet lags.


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