Why Should You Look for Air Ambulance Services in India?

Why Should You Look for Air Ambulance Services in India?

Jun 03, 2023

Looking for air ambulance services in India? This guide provides an overview of air ambulance services available in India, complete with tips to ensure a hassle-free experience. Learn about pricing, timeframes, what to expect from the service, and more.

What is an Air Ambulance? 

An air ambulance is a medically-equipped aircraft used to transport patients in need of urgent medical attention from one location to another. It’s staffed with trained medical personnel and provides transport for critically ill or injured people when time is of the essence. Air ambulances typically fly at higher altitudes than traditional ground-based ambulances and are equipped with advanced life support systems such as ventilators and medications. These services can save lives by quickly getting the patient to the nearest hospital or trauma center specializing in their particular ailment.

When Should You Opt for an Air Ambulance Service in India?


Air ambulance services should only be used in emergency situations when ground-based transportation is not a viable option. An air ambulance is the safest, fastest and most efficient way of reaching medical aid anywhere, anytime. It can get the patient to their destination much faster, allowing them access to the care they need before it’s too late. So if you’re looking for an air ambulance service in India, make sure to consider the potential benefits before making your decision.


What Services Does An Air Ambulance Provide? 


Air ambulance services can provide the full range of medical assistance and treatments, including basic to advanced life support care, pre-hospital care (if needed), ground and air transportation, access to specialized equipment, and even call coordination services. Additionally, all air ambulances should be staffed with highly trained and experienced medical personnel such as nurses, paramedics and physician assistants who will provide the patient with quality and compassionate care during transit.

Types of Aircraft Used in Air Ambulance Services


The type of aircraft used for air ambulance services depends on the distance to be traveled and the medical urgency of the transport. Generally, air ambulance companies make use of a number of aircraft including single-engine airplanes, multi-engine turboprops, and jets. Single engine airplanes are usually used for local and regional transfers while more complex and expensive aircraft such as jets or turboprops come in handy during long haul international transports.

Different kinds of aircraft have different capabilities and features like range, speed and passenger capacity. Single engine airplanes are more suitable for short distances while turboprops and jets offer higher speed, comfort, and range. However, most air ambulance service providers in India use single engine airplanes as they offer low operational costs. These aircraft usually carry two or three medical staff depending on the complexity of the medical case. The cabin layout is designed in such a way that it provides an uninterrupted view to the medical team when attending to the patient during transport.

Guidelines to Ensure a Hassle-Free Experience with Air Ambulance Services in India


When using an air ambulance service in India, the patient’s treating doctor should always be consulted and involved during the entire process. It is important to discuss with the doctor all relevant aspects of a safe transfer, such as medical stability and compatibility of medical equipment on board. The medical team accompanying the patient should always adhere to strict safety protocols, so it is advisable to hire experienced professional pilots for the journey. Additionally, ensure that the ambulances or helicopters used for transportation are well-equipped with the latest lifesaving technologies like automated external defibrillator (AED), heart monitor, portable ventilators, oxygen tanks and bags etc.


Ranchi Air Ambulance Service & Patna Air Ambulance Service


Situation can be out of control, when a patient needs instant emergency medical support because of lack of world-class hospitals or trauma centers there. In that case, nothing can be more important than shifting patient to an emergency or a hospital, where all modern medical facilities are available.


For this, no other way can be better, convenient and quicker than looking for air ambulance services – offered through a fixed wing airplane or a helicopter – equipped with specialized medical instruments.


It is one of the successful ways to shift any patient in the quickest possible way – even within two hours from Kolkata to Delhi or within one house from Lucknow to Gurgaon or anywhere else. Depending on your area, and the issues you are facing, you can choose
Patna  air Ambulance services or book for somewhere else like Ranchi  Air ambulance services.


Trained and Specialized Medical Personnel

The air ambulance services are equipped with all critical care systems to provide support for a few hours. Specialized medical personnel are available with all monitoring devices and medical systems to take optimum care of the patient – boarded on the flight.


No Need to Stick in Traffic or Remote Locations

Things become different, when patient is at a remote location (in mountainous areas or deep valleys) or stuck in road traffic. It may take hours or even a day and it is the time, when situation can be completely out of control.


A chopper that is equipped with medical services can be pick the patient from anywhere and transfer quickly. In this way, patient’s care takers will have time enough to save life. Some world-class hospitals in Delhi & NCR, in Lucknow and even in tier 1 cities have their helipads or they are close to airports.


Air Ambulance Services – Available Anytime and for Anywhere

One of the plus points is that they are available anytime and anywhere, irrespective of the location. You need not worry about traffic congestion and blame road condition. Your patient will be in a hospital in given time frame and getting more chances to survive.


Serious Patients Have More Time to Survive


By using Air ambulance services, serious patients can have some more time to survive and recover them faster.

Blue Height Aviation is a top name in this domain offering you air ambulance services to all parts and taking the utmost care of the patients during the critical time by offering the best services.



Some Other services and benefits you will get from air ambulance services offered by Blue Height Aviation are the following


Faster Speed and Quicker Solutions

More Options and Higher Capacity to Travel a Longer Distance in Shorter Time

They Get Clearance in Air Traffic Instantly



Blueheights Aviation  has world-class jets and air ambulance charters to travel in convenient way and instantly. Pre-book in case of any emergency and you will get time enough to save one’s life.



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