Best Badrinath Kedarnath Tour Package By Helicopter

Best Badrinath Kedarnath Tour Package By Helicopter

Jun 02, 2023


Take a once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable adventure to two of India’s holiest sites in a single day with an exclusive Badrinath Kedarnath tour package by helicopter! Enjoy the thrill of an amazing flight and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Why Take a Badrinath Kedarnath Tour Package By Helicopter?

Taking a Badrinath Kedarnath tour package by helicopter is the perfect way to experience and explore the beauty of India’s holiest sites without having to spend lots of time and energy on travel between them. Fly in total comfort and luxury with a private helicopter rental, giving you access to two very different but equally stunning pilgrimage sites in record time!

Taking a helicopter tour to Badrinath Kedarnath is not only the easiest route between these sites; it is also the most rewarding. By taking a tour by helicopter, you will be able to save hours of travel time, allowing you to make the most of your trip. Furthermore, travelling in a helicopter provides stunning and unique views of both pilgrimage sites – giving you an excellent insight into their natural beauty and spiritual significance before landing at each destination. Taking a Badrinath Kedarnath Tour Package by Helicopter is therefore the perfect way to combine comfort and speed with an unforgettable experience!


What Does the Tour Package Include?

Our Badrinath Kedarnath tour package by helicopter includes a round trip flight in a private helicopter, as well as a guided walking tour of both sites. You will have time to explore and take photos of the breathtaking scenery and unique architecture that is distinct to these sites. We also provide a delicious lunch for you, so you can spend your day in total comfort and luxury.

Our goal is to give you the most hassle-free and unforgettable experience when touring Badrinath Kedarnath. We take care of all the details so that you can fully enjoy the spectacular landscape, historical monuments, unique culture, and spiritual energy of these two cherished sites. So sit back, relax, snap some photos, and enjoy your time at these incredible places with our comprehensive tour package.


What Safety Measures are in Place for the Flight?

Safety is our number one priority, and we ensure that all of our flights are operated according to strict safety regulations. Our pilots are highly trained and experienced in flying at high altitudes and over mountainous terrain in the Himalayan regions. We also provide each passenger with an oxygen mask for added safety in case of an emergency. Lastly, we have a team of medical professionals standing by ready to assist should any need arise.

All of our helicopters have undergone the necessary safety checks and meet certified standards. We use high quality satellite navigation systems for tracking, ensuring that all flights are within the specified boundaries. These flight paths are constantly monitored by our very experienced in-flight navigator, who is in constant communication with ground staff during landings. Our helicopters are equipped with dual engine setups, meaning that even if there were an emergency, our experienced pilots can fly safely using just one engine. Further, we prioritize passenger safety and comfort by selecting only top-of-the-line modern helicopter models which feature the most updated digital avionics suites on the market.


What are the Benefits of Taking a Heli Tour to These Destinations?

Taking a helicopter tour to Badrinath Kedarnath offers you a multitude of benefits that cannot be found when travelling by road. A heli tour saves passengers time and energy, allowing them to explore these stunning sites in one day rather than the multiple days it takes when travelling by road. Additionally, taking a heli tour offers unbeatable views of the Himalayan mountains that can’t be experienced otherwise. Finally, heli tours offer a unique, memorable experience that is not soon forgotten.

Heli tours are both efficient and cost-effective, allowing passengers to make the most of their time exploring India. By taking a heli tour to Badrinath Kedarnath, passengers can explore landmarks such as the Neelkanth Temple, Hemkund Sahib, Mana Village and more in one day - something that would take multiple days when travelling by road. Additionally, heli tours allow one to view the magnificence of the Himalaya Mountains from an aerial perspective. These views cannot be seen otherwise and prove to enrich the passenger's experience of the Himalayas. Finally, taking a helitour to these destinations is an unforgettable experience that nobody will soon forget.


What Detailed Information Do I Need to Know Before Taking the Tour?

It’s important to understand the information you need to have before taking a helicopter tour of Badrinath Kedarnath. First and foremost, it’s important to be familiar with safety protocols – weather conditions in the area can change quickly, so having an understanding of what to do in case of adverse weather is essential. Additionally, you should know exactly when and where the pickup location is, as well as how much time you will have left at each site. Knowing the restrictions on items allowed will ensure that you don’t bring anything prohibited on the tour. Finally, keeping track of your budget and knowing what services are included will ensure that there are no surprises during your heli tour adventure.

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